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How Camas, Washington got its name

Camas Washington is named after a flowering plant as shown above. More accurately, it is the name of a plant of which native Indians of the area used as a food source staple. The natives consumed a large amount of the edible roots of the plant. The plants from a distance look like small lakes in the way that they cover the ground with their flower's color. Other city names in Clark County are from Indian events, such as Battle Ground, while Minnehaha is another Indian word that is taken from a poem but unrelated to Indians of the northwest.

Paralegal Services in Camas, Washington

Have a Clark County, Washington Paralegal Services help you prepare your family law documents for child support, divorce, and custody issues. All work is done utilizing technology, no driving, no traffic, and no gasoline, using phones, email, and online document sharing and storage.

Attorney Services for Camas, WA

Have a Clark Paralegals featured Attorney prepare quit claims and excise tax affidavits for Clark County, Camas as well as other areas of Washington state.

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Origins of City Names in Clark County, Washington

Where did Vancouver, Camas, Salmon Creek, Battle Ground, Orchards, Five Corners, Washougal, Walnut Grove, Woodland, Minnehaha, Felida, Yacolt, and Ridgefied get their names?