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How Wetmore Ave, Everett, Washington Got its Name

Wetmore Ave got its name from one of its original industrialists. However, not much more has been discovered about this man other than that he was involved with other well known industrialists such as McDougal, Colby, Hewitt, and Hoyt. I am going to continue keeping an eye out for history on this man, for he was important enough to have a major Downtown Everett street named after him. There are other streets in North Everett that got there names from the names of industrial founders, such as Colby Avenue, Hewitt Avenue, Hoyt Avenue, and Rucker Avenue. The picture above appears to be the intersection of California and Wetmore, by I am not quite certain.

Paralegal Services Wetmore Ave in Everett

Call: 360-471-5736 for family law paralegal services near Wetmore Ave, Everett, Washington.

Paralegal child support modification services for the Wetmore Ave area, Everett, Washington. Get help with filling out the documents to modify your child support or parenting plan, for divorced or unmarried parents. We can assist with prehearing statements of proof, trial briefs, trial by affidavits, and many other family law types of cases.

Attorney Services for Wetmore Ave, Everett, WA

Call: 206-683-3985 for a family law or probate attorney Wetmore Ave, Everett. Help with quit claims and tax affidavits for family law and probate law related needs.

Process Serving near Wetmore Ave, Everett

Call: 425-366-1418 for a process server near Wetmore Ave, Everett. Have documents served near Wetmore Ave in Everett, Washington.

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Origins of City Names in Clark County, Washington

Where did Vancouver, Camas, Salmon Creek, Battle Ground, Orchards, Five Corners, Washougal, Walnut Grove, Woodland, Minnehaha, Felida, Yacolt, and Ridgefield get their names?