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Downtown North Everett History

Downtown Everett is a neighborhood and culture in its own right. Locals consider the downtown area to consist of from just north of Everett Avenue to just south of Pacific Avenue, and from Just west of Rucker Avenue to Broadway. However, Hewitt Ave extends the downtown as far east and west as you can travel it. The city Center some would say is the courthouse, but locals all consider it to be Hewitt Avenue and Colby Avenue in North Everett.

Colby Avenue, North Everett, Washington State

For information on how Colby got its name.

Hewitt Avenue, North Everett, Washington State

Who was Hewitt named after?

Hoyt Avenue, North Everett, Washington State

What impact did Hoyt have on Everett?

Rockefeller Avenue, North Everett, Washington State

How was Rockefeller associated with Everett?

Rucker Avenue, North Everett, Washington State

Who was Rucker and why was a street named after him.

Wetmore Avenue, North Everett, Washington State

Explore the origins of Wetmore avenue and where its name came from.

Paralegal Services Downtown in Everett

Call: 360-471-5736 for family law paralegal services near Downtown, Everett, Washington.

Downtown area of Everett divorce document preparation services for agreed or contested divorces. Have documents prepared for family law cases to be filed on Snohomish County Superior Court or any other Washington State Superior Court.

Attorney Services for Downtown, Everett, WA

Call: 206-683-3985 for a family or probate attorney.

Quit claim and tax affidavit document preparation services.

Process Serving near Downtown, Everett

Call: 425-366-1418 for a process server for Downtown Everett. We specialize in process of service, serving documents, in Downtown Everett, Washington. We can serve divorce documents that require personal service, service by mail when approved by a court order, as well as a general mailing or delivery for documents after the summons has been served. We can even do service by email when allowed.

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