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How Rucker Ave, Everett, Washington Got its Name

Rucker Ave got its name from the Rucker brothers, whom sold 434 acres to the Everett Land Company in which the Downtown Everett area was started. There are other street names that are associated with Everett founders, such as Wetmore Avenue, Hewitt Avenue, and Colby Avenue. In fact, it was Colby and Hewitt that formed the Everett Land Company. It is said that the ghosts of Jane Rucker and Ruby Rucker (Brown) haunt the Rucker Mansion. Although not confirmed, it is said that Jane committed suicide shortly after the mansion was built, in its 60,000 sq. ft. of livable space. Jane was the mother of the Rucker brothers, while Rube was the wife of one of them.

Paralegal Services Rucker Ave in Everett

Call: 360-471-5736 for family law paralegal services near Rucker Ave, Everett, Washington.

Divorce documents paralegal prepared near Rucker Ave area of Everett. Parenting plan paralegal help with petitions for parenting plans, petition to change a parenting plan, and a variety of motions. Have a divorce paralegal help prepare your divorce documents, establish paternity, or any other document needs.

Attorney Services for Rucker Ave, Everett, WA

Call: 206-683-3985 for a family law or probate attorney Rucker Ave, Everett. Help with quit claims and tax affidavits for family law and probate law related needs.

Process Serving near Rucker Ave, Everett

Call: 425-366-1418 for a process server near Rucker Ave, Everett. Have documents served near Rucker Ave in Everett, Washington.

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